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Welcome to the official website of the Curry Smugglers. To ask us who we are is to understand what we do – we bring to you one of the best online radio shows in the world. Centered around South Asian music, you’ll find us dabbling in all sorts of music from around the world & how it confluences with music from India, Pakistan & the rest of the region. Our shows are found here on our online home but also on iTunes & SoundCloud.

Who are the Smugglers?


There are radio hosts, then there is Sachin. This Mumbai-born, Dubai-bred, US resident has experienced eclectic tastes in music from an early age. His personality encompasses sophistication, humor, style, passion, satire & goofiness; all at the same time. Sachin devotes serious effort to ensure that the Curry Smugglers brand spreads the work, music & voices of artists beyond geographical boundaries. Sachin works hard & plays harder, but proceed with caution… he brings his own game!


Recognized as the mad scientist of the crew, Paresh has been to known to experiment with various genres of music & entertainment to enrich the show with a healthy dose of left of center insanity. This mindset coupled with his self deprecating humor & devastating mediocre looks & genetic hair loss makes him the ideal wingman to anything from radio to life. Paresh strives hard to make the Curry Smugglers known not only for its excellent representation of South Asian entertainment but also for its ability to pull in new audiences. He does what he was born to do – entertain & make people laugh… at & with him


The resident playboy of the crew, Vishal found his calling at an early age when he discovered a natural gift to play music, sing and have killer comic timing. Realizing very quickly that this could lead to bigger things, Vishal honed his craft in groups like Penn Masala & various start up bands in Dubai where he grew up with Paresh. Vishal brings the manic insanity the show is well known for when he hosts with the guys. A perennial fan favorite, Vishal also adds a solid weight to the cerebral aspect of the show with his love for all things music


The man behind the Smugglers’ visual voice! Amrit has brought the brand from its infancy to what it is today with exceptional concept artwork. Amrit balances the crew out with his ‘balls to the world’ approach to making art & helps the guys push the boundaries of brand design when it comes to all the different events & shows Curry Smugglers represents. A supremely gifted artist, Amrit has allowed the guys to focus on the music while he shapes & evolves the look of Curry Smugglers from the ground up. His portfolio is here

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  1. Hello. I just recently heard about you guys. I listened to your show and I must say you guys are amazing. I love your mixes. I have a question that might sound stupid.
    Do you guys play at clubs? As in if I were to offer you to play at a venue for a Bollywood DJ night, would you guys do that? And if so, what is the process that I need to follow to work out the price, availability etc?

    Pardon me, if my question was stupid


  2. I recently stumbled on this and totally in love with the way you present music.Why arent you guys coming with new episodes?